I'm an awkward person. Let's be awkward together!




Hi! My name is Nicole, and this blog is basically about
me and my bullshit opinions. 

There are still many things out there that I do not know about, or that I do not know in general, so please be patient with me.

A couple things you should know;

  1. Nicole is a screen name to protect my identity
  2. If I name other people in my stories, they are also screen names to protect the identity of those people
  3. Everything in my blogs are my opinions, not facts, unless I clearly state that they are a fact. Which, I’m wrong about a lot of things, so don’t pay attention to me most of the time. 

Enjoy my blog, and please, sit back and stay crazy with me.

Acknowledgments: Literally everyone who I steal pictures from, I’m sorry if I don’t credit you, it’s most likely because I don’t know where the photo came from. For now, the photo above was made by quotethattalk.tumblr. 

My amazing logo was created by a friend of mine whom I will not name unless given permission! Thank you so much!