Oh apple. Dear sweet apple, you are not so dear or sweet anymore. Or are you?

Today, a girl said ios 10 was coming out today, and that she was super excited for it. She kept checking for updates, and eventually, there it was. She talked about how it would change the way the messaging would work, and she said it was really cool.

Well, me being me, I got pumped. Did I wanna see how new the messages and everything was? Definitely!

So, there I went, I immediately went to general settings, and I clicked on the button to start downloading/updating it. I got so excited, I kept checking my phone, not being able to wait to see how the new update would be.

I would be slightly disappointed.

When I opened my phone after the update, I was shocked. Whether it was a good shocked or bad shocked was unknown at that moment. But let’s look at the new changes.

  1. The lockscreen text is bigger, and you can swipe to the right to see the things that were previously on the slide next to your notifications menu, there on your lock screen. And if you swipe to the left, you’d get your camera. Okay, okay, not too terrible. But to unlock your phone, you have to press your home button to get to your passcode screen unless you have the fingerprint ID. Not too bad, just kind of annoying. Moving on.
  2. Messages. Now, on Messages, there’s a bit of change. The green and blue are still there for texts and iMessage.
    1. But if you notice, there’s a camera on the bottom left. This is to take photos directly in the gallery or get your photos from your gallery.
    2. The next one over, is a new thing called Digital Touch. This will let you do mulitudes of things, but I’m not going to get into that, because there are too many things to this.
    3. Next over is Apple Music. This will let you send a song to someone, and it will send a sample of the song to the person if it’s in your playlist and it’s on Apple Music. Cool, or pointless?
    4. When you get messages and it shows up at the top of your screen (Or at least, that’s how mine is), its slightly different from before, which is fine. Also, on the lock screen it is slightly different.
  3. MUSIC. This one is most important to me, because music is one of the most important things to me, ever. The music app got changed the most.
    1. Your library, or, what is on your phone now, only has a single tab, where all of your playlists, artists, albums and songs are at. What about the others?
    2. Subscribed to Apple Music? No? Might as well be, seeing how practically all the other tabs are dedicated to apple music. What if you don’t want it? Apple: “Who cares?” Oh wait! The customers do! Sorry, I’m honestly kind of salty about the music.

Honestly, that’s all I really care about. I have no idea what iHome is, or anything else, but honestly, in my opinion;

Apple, what the fuck?

First, you announce you’re removing the headphone jack for iPhone 7’s, and now this?

I’m just going to say this once;


Why can’t any company accept that not everyone is as rich as they are? Honestly, its kind of ridiculous. People need to pay for food, apartments, bills, and-I’m getting off topic.

No, but really, in my opinion; I don’t think ios 10 was necessary. But, this blog won’t change it back any time soon, sooo.

Apple, you need to start getting your shit together, or your income might just go down.