One of the things I’ve ever wondered is why is it that we as people go through these daily motions of life? Why do we continue to go to school, and work, and do what we are told, and listen to people without question?

Because it’s a normal thing to do? Because it’s required? Why, because of our fucked up┬ásociety?

All school is anymore is hell where people have a right to terrorize you, and where people have a right to tear you down piece from piece, and you have no one to help you, and you feel so goddamn helpless. Because no matter what you do, they are always there to terrorize you, they are always there, not thinking about your feelings, or maybe having no heart at all to give sympathy, or think about how you feel, or think about what they’re doing.

And what could we do to stop them? Fight back? Adults don’t care, they think you’re only causing trouble. Ignore it? You could only ignore it for so long before you break down. That thing, called self-harm and depression? Yeah, that’s still a thing.

I’m sorry, this got depressing really fast. But that wasn’t my point. I meant to go on, not stay on school. But my point is, we do these things in life, little or big, because this is the now. This is the now that people get offended by everything, and bullying isn’t taken seriously, and Donald Trump is in the running for President?

Seriously, what the fuck has this place, this world we’re supposed to call safe, come to?

And all the clown shit going on as well. What drives these people to scare the living shit out of people? Why is it so hard to catch people dressing up as clowns and arrest them?


My mind is racing at this moment. So many things I want to talk about, but so little time. Maybe I’ll make more of these posts, but my point is this motion of going through life everyday.

Whether you are working, or in school, whatever, you are going through this motion that you’ve gotten so used to doing, that life has become boring. Or has it?

Do you still have fun with what you do in life? Do you have genuine smiles, and fun laughing fits with your friends? Do you even have friends?

I don’t mean to ask this to make you sad. I ask you this, because I think that we as people should think about what we are doing. Maybe mix up your life a little bit, don’t make it a constant boring routine.

Go on that tiny adventure! Go and eat out with your friends, and share some laughs. Maybe don’t even fit in. Be different, be a fantastic different person, or be yourself, whatever yourself may be. If you love dark humor, you go love that dark humor. If you love kittens and reading comic books, you go do that! Just be yourself.

There’s a song that I’ve been listening to, and it’s by a pretty awesome band named Good Charlotte. The song is called Makeshift Love, and one of the lyric’s always catches my ear and makes me feel something.

“Like I’m dying tonight, and the whole world is laughing. Like everyone I love has gone away. I’m dying tonight, but no one is crying. It’s not alright, no matter what they say.”

This song may be off topic, but it expresses pain, the pain of being alone, and the pain that someone perhaps could feel every day.

But somehow, hearing someone sing that you’re not alone makes everything seem like its going to be okay.

And it will be. But you have to help yourself. Don’t give up, because that’s when you’ve really lost. Keep fighting, and keep holding on to whatever keeps you grounded, whether that be music, a person, a stuffed animal, a pet, or even a movie or tv show. Whatever keeps you grounded, whatever keeps you, you, keep it, because you will be happy. Unlike me (I don’t have any), you just need patience.